About Us

Buying a prime property is not only one of the most important financial decisions you ever had to make, but it also required a good deal of time and energy. Selling your most valuable asset should not by any less demanding. Entrusting this process to PROCON will ensure that it is sold professionally and at the right price.


1 Broader markets

Procon exposes your property to a broad market. Not only do we present it to a number of overseas agencies but we have also established ties with global potential buyers, especially in Europe. This enables your property be presented to people in countries with strong currencies and international buying power.


2 Modern sales techniques

Modern sales techniques and marketing systems back up our new approach to selling. Apart from traditional selling methods, potential buyers are not only provided with written documentation and pictures, but promotional videos are also included. The Internet and email systems are utilised to ensure global virtual access to your property.


3 Persistence until sold

At Procon we do not only pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, we also have to admit that we are somewhat persistent in getting your property sold! This is in sharp contrast with the situation at agencies where a property can easily end up at the bottom of the pile if a suitable buyer is not found. Periodic reminders are sent out to ensure that your property gets reissued until it is sold - whatever it takes.